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Hyper X Solar Panels

Check out our new Hyper X solar systems that includes ultra high performance solar panels that outperform over 100 SunPower solar panel models with a better PTC to STC ratio and a better temperature coefficient rating for better performance in hot weather!

Click Here For More Information Concerning this Ultra High Performance Solar Panel

Solar For Residential

Offers grid tie solar kits and residential home solar energy installation referrals at a cost that extremely competitive.

Solar For Residential offers top names brand solar energy systems to power your home at prices as low as $1.45 a watt before solar incentives for a complete solar power system.

Buy your solar system from us and then choose one of our referred local Residential solar contractors to professionally install your solar kit on your home or business.



Explaining SolarCity's Tax Problems

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SolarWorld Lays Off Oregon Workers, Bankruptcy May Follow

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Dark Clouds Over SolarCity

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It's Official, Solar Panel Prices Are Once Again On The Rise

Hurry before our current lower priced inventory runs out.


Solar Silicon Prices On The Rise

Higher silicon prices will mean higher solar panel prices.

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U.S. Treasury Department To Investigate Several Solar Leasing Companies.

Several solar leasing companies received subpoenas in July from the U.S. Treasury Department, which is investigating whether companies overstated the market value of solar panel arrays they installed when claiming the 30% federal cash grant.



Solar Power Electric Vehicle Chargers

We're Your Solar EV Charging Experts!


We Specialize In High Quality, Reliable, Emergency Backup Solar Power Systems For Your Residential Home Or Business.

Backup Solar Power Systems

Even If You Already Own A Grid Tie Solar System And Only Want To Add Backup Power, We've Got Your Needs Covered !



Commercial Solar Rooftop

Commercial Solar Canopies
We can provide you with an extremely competitive quote and financing on a top names brand, high performance solar system for your commercial or industrial facility.

Residential grid tie battery backup solar systems

Solar Powered Safe Room System

During A Power Outage Have Emergency Power For TV, Lights, Microwave, Computers, Refrigerator And More.

And Qualify For A 30% Federal Tax Credit And A Cash Rebate In Many States While Reducing Your Electric Bill.



Mitsubishi Solar Extreme Series Systems

Vastly Superior Performance Than A Micro Inverter Or A String Inverter !

Mitsubishi & SolarEdge

Now Available With A 25 Year Inverter Warranty !

 Supercharged Performance For A Faster Return On Your Investment

High Performance Solar Power

   At Solar For Residential we can submit your rebate application for you with only a 10% refundable down payment.



Mitsubishi Solar Enphase Kits

And With A Free Upgrade !

Mitsubishi & Enphase

 The Overall Best Micro Inverter Solar Module Combination Available On The Planet !

Enphase Micro Inverters

Solar Scams!

Solar Salesman The Scammers And Shady Solar Salespeople Are Out In Full Force.

Click Here To Learn How To Protect Yourself


Free Solar System Buyer's Guide

Solar System Buyers Guide

Download Our Free Solar System Buyers Guide And Learn The Secrets To Getting The Best Possible Deal On A Solar System That Most Dealers Hope Your Never Find Out About.

Click Here To learn how to save thousands on a solar system while getting the best possible performance.

Solar For Residential Will Beat Any Nationally Advertised, In Stock Price On Our Same Installed Solar Panel System Or Your System Is Free.

Because of our direct relationship with manufacturers that produce the finest solar panels in the world, the length of time that we've been selling solar panels and our superior buying power, our grid tie solar systems are typically priced thousands of dollars less than the competition and include better performing components. Solar For Residential will beat any nationally advertised price on solar for homes and businesses and give you the service, support and quality that you deserve.


SMA America Inverters Logo


Mitsubishi Electric Solar Panels


Spin your meter backwards with solar power.

Solar Panels For Homes And Businesses. Solar Home Will Help You Spin Your Meter Backwards With Solar Panels For Less.




Since 1997

"Our website may not have that slick corporate look, but on the other hand, We've been in business about a decade longer than all of those slick corporate looking dealers and we don't advertise those slick, high corporate prices !"

We Can Save You Thousands On A Big Name Brand, Higher Performance Solar System For A Faster Return On Your Investment !

Nobody Beats Our Prices Or Our Top Of The Line System's Performance.




Solar For Residential Has Declared A Solar Price War On Our Competitors

Solar For Residential Panel System Price War

Bring us your best written quote from Bring us your best written quote from Verengo, SolarCity, SunPower, Vivint, Sungevity, Lowes, Peterson Dean, Horizon Solar, REC Solar, American Solar Direct or Home Depot and we'll blow that quote right out of the water.

And speaking of Verengo and SolarCity, bring us their $1,000.00 off deal that they offer from time to time and we'll show you what a real discount on a name brand solar system can mean to the bottom line.

In fact in most, if not all cases, we can save you thousands while offering you a higher performance home solar system for a faster payback!


We're so sure that our Residential residential grid tie solar power systems include the best solar panel brands at the best price that we'll beat any nationally advertised in stock price on our same, top of the line solar system or your system is free.



$1.45 A Watt For An Solar For Residential System !

We're Having A Limited Time Overstock Solar Energy Panels System Super Sale !

Residential Grid Tie Solar Kits Sale

At these incredibly low prices it make absolutely no sense for anyone to even consider an expensive solar lease or for anyone to continue to pay their high electric bills.

Why not finally say goodbye to the high cost of energy by making your own free electricity with a brand new maintenance free, state of the art photovoltaic system!

NewEnergy Solar Fronius Solar Power Kit  Stion Solar Grid Tie Solar Energy Kit

4.95 kW

Complete System !

Only $7,177.00

This Is No Misprint !

Only $1.45 A Watt

5.040 kW

U.S. Made Solar Panels

U.S. Made Black On Black Very High Performance Solar Panels

Complete System !

With Power Optimizers That Blow Micro Inverter Performance Right Out Of The Water !

Only $9,576.00

This Is No Misprint !

Only $1.90 A Watt


SMA Inverters Logo

Orion Racking Logo

This Brand New very high performance, tier one, name brand, 4.95 kW grid tie solar electric system includes 22 high efficiency NewEnergy solar panels with a 25 year factory warranty. That's backed by a 3rd party U.S. based insurance company. A complete U.S. made Orion mounting rack system with a 15 year warranty.  And an SMA America state of the art 96.5% CEC efficiency inverter.

With a much better 0% negative tolerance + 5 Watts rating,  a better per watt PTC rating than many other brands, 3rd party warranty insurance by PowerGuard, higher strength Orion mounting racks, up to 1,500 watts of emergency power without batteries, during daylight hours and a much better price than many other systems on the market.

Only $1.45 per watt

And That's Before Any Incentives !

You Can Actually Own This System For Less Than One Third The Cost Of Leasing It !

Hurry These System Prices Are First Come First Served !


Click Here To Learn More About This Kit  !






Orion Racking Logo

With Power Optimizers For Performance Monitoring For Every Pair Of Solar Panels And Shade Mitigation !

A Better 92.92% PTC To STC Ratio Than The Vast Majority Of SunPower's Solar Panel Models And A Better -0.26% Temperature Coefficient Than Sunpower At Nearly Half Of SunPower's System Pricing.

And They're U.S. Made !

This Brand New ultra high performance, name brand, 5.04 kW grid tie solar electric system includes higher performance Stion New High Tech CIGS solar panels with a 25 year factory warranty. A complete U.S. made Orion mounting rack system including our "SunSational offer" flashings or tile hooks with a 15 year warranty. 18 high performance SolarEdge 400 watt power optimizers with a 99.5% efficiency rating. And a SolarEdge state of the art 97.5% CEC, 98.3% peak efficiency inverter.

The Stion solar panels that are included in this special offer, provides a better PTC to STC ratio that nearly every solar panel on the California Energy Commission's list of approved solar panels for better "real world performance".

Only $1.90 per watt

And That's Before Any Incentives !

You Can Actually Own This System For Less Than One Third The Cost Of Leasing It !

Hurry These System Prices Are First Come First Served !


Click Here To Learn More About This Kit  !



These Grid Tie Solar Energy System Also Includes:

1. Free solar rebate application processing assistance

2. Free roof layout design assistance

3. Free lifetime technical support

4. Free single line drawings.

5. Even Includes mounting racks and and your choice of roof flashings or tile hooks on our SolarEdge inverter systems !

Orion Solar Racking Roof Flashings

The Above Posted Prices Have Already Had Solar Home's SolarGreenBacks Discount Applied. Quantities Are Limited. No Rain Checks. This Is A First Come First Served Offer.


Incharge EV Solar Charging Systems
  Residential Solar Canopies And EV Charging Systems

Solar EV Charging Canopies


Solar Panel Financing


When You Lease A Grid Tie Solar System, You'll Pay Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars More For The Same Size Solar System And The Same Amount Of Power Production !

If That Solar Leasing Company Wants To Charge You More Than $2.03 Per Watt After Incentives For An Installed 4.75 kW System, Tell Them To Take A Hike !

4.75 kW System Solar Lease

4.75 kW System Solar Purchase


Your Typical Final Cost On A $0 Down Solar Lease After 20 Years Worth Of $117.00 Per Month Lease Payments At The Solar Lease Company's Much Higher Pricing.

Your Cost $28,080

And That's Without Considering The Annual Payment Escalator Of Up To 2.9% Per Year For 20 Years.

In Addition, The Leasing/PPA Company Is Going To Take The 30% Federal Tax Credit, Typically Worth Over $7,500, At Their Much High Pricing And They'll Take Any Applicable Cash Rebate!


Your Typical Final Cost After A Typical $1.00 Per Watt Installation Fee, Minus The 30% Federal Tax Credit.

Your Cost $9,642

And The Best Part Is That You'll Own The System For A Much Better Return On Investment.





Prices have dropped so low that in most cases, it now costs less to buy a brand new solar system and keep the 30% federal tax credit than it does to assume someone else's lease payments on their used solar system!

Underwater Solar Lease

Click Here To Learn More

Unlike a solar lease, you'll pay far less and you'll own your home solar system and get to keep the 30% federal tax credit and any other financial incentives for a much better return on investment.



Hurry, Don't Miss Out On The Lowest Solar Prices In History. The Price Of Silicon Has Once Again Begun To Rise And The U.S. Commerce Department Tariffs Are Now In Effect So These Ultra Low Prices Are Not Expected To Last Much Longer.



Hyper X Solar Panels


You Could Easily Own Three, Much High Performance, Hyper X Systems, For What It Will Cost You To Rent Just One, Same Sized System On That Expensive 20 Year, Zero Down Lease ! 

Outperforms Over 100 Of SunPower's Solar Panel Models With A Better PTC To STC Ratio And A Better Negative Temperature Coefficient Rating For Better Performance In Warmer Climates !



Click Here For More Information Concerning this Ultra High Performance Solar Panel




Are You Handing Over Your Personal Information To A Real Solar Dealer Or A Lead Processing Mill?

Give your contact information out to one of those solar lead processing mills and your phone number and email address will probably be distributed to dozens if not hundreds of solar dealers who will probably hound you, non-stop for the next decade.

We've been selling high quality solar systems, nationwide since 1997 and we promise that you'll be so delighted with our much lower price quotes and better, brand name performance, that in most cases, you'll be calling us back before we call you.

We Never Abuse Our Customers With Phone Calls Or Emails.....Never.


Free Solar Quotes

Click here for a quick, no obligation, no pressure, high
tech solar quote without the inconvenience of a salesperson in your home.

We Can Save You Thousands !


We Challenge You To Find A Better Solar Energy Price Anywhere !

Higher Efficiency Than Enphase Micro Inverters !

(The inverters that are used in this SolarEdge systems are the current record holder for the highest 240 volt single phase CEC weighted efficiency for any inverter system with built in individual solar panel shade mitigation and web based performance monitoring.)

Higher Power Capacity Per Module Than Enphase Micro Inverters !

Individual Solar Module Monitoring Over Quieter DC Lines Rather Than The Electrically Noisy AC Lines Used By Enphase Micro Inverters !

Offers Shade Protection With A Lower Cutoff Voltage Than Enphase Micro Inverters !

A Lower Price Per Watt For The Same Power Capacity Than Enphase Micro Inverters ! 

Solar Panels With A PTC Rating That's In The Top 2% On The California Energy Commission's Website !

Stronger Name Brand Mounting Systems !

SolarEdge, Winner Of The Prestigious 2012 Intersolar Innovation Award

Intersolar Innovation Award SolarEdge Inverters

Click Here To View More Of Our Specially Priced Grid Tie Kits





You've Done Some Electrical Work, Maybe Some Roofing And Carpentry And You've Dreamed Of Saving Thousands Of Dollars By Installing Your Own Solar Energy Panels....

We Can Help !

DIY Solar In Residential

SolarEdge's State Of The Art Design Provides For A Much Easier, Safer, Self Installation.

With SolarEdge's new, advanced SafeDC system, solar panel voltage is limited to only 1 Volt per solar panel during the installation process. So at the end of a 15 panel string for instance, the installer is only dealing with a safe 15 volt level when connecting to the inverter.

We offer free technical support during the entire solar energy kit installation process and can provide you with free system design, free single line drawings, free electrical schematics, free roof or ground mount layout design assistance and can help you fill out your rebate and connection agreement documents at no charge. Or we can refer you to an experienced local contractor that can perform the entire installation for you.

Save thousands in Residential by installing the bulk of your solar system yourself and hire an electrician only to perform your final hookup to the grid.

Click Here To Learn More About DIY Solar



According to GTM Research: 180 solar manufacturers will likely disappear by 2015. This will leave many consumers with non-enforceable warranties.

Kyodo News reports that even Sharp
Solar plans to end production and sales of solar cells and modules in the U.S. by March.

"It's all about the bottom line. If you're buying a particular solar power system simply because you recognize the brand, but are not taking the time to check that brand's viability or its potential return on investment, then you're probably better off continuing to pay your current electric bill"

You'd be surprised at the thousands of solar systems that have been sold in the U.S. that either no longer posses a warranty or that provided smaller rebates, poorer PTC to STC ratios, inferior negative tolerance ratings, lower inverter efficiencies, and thinner, less durable solar mounting racks. Brands that can turn what should be a much more lucrative investment into a poorer one.

 With over 16 years of in depth experience, exclusively in the solar PV industry, The creators of Solar For Residential has used our expertise to assemble some of the highest performing, most reliable solar systems from financially stable companies that are available on today's market, at some of the best prices in the country.

True Investment Grade Solar Systems with real 25 year warranties that pay for themselves years before many of the competition's offerings.

Give us a call, we are here to provide you with fact based answers that are supported by the manufacturers specification sheets, government endorsed independent photovoltaic lab test results and our 16 solid years of experience exclusively in the solar industry.

We Can Save You Thousands On Big Name Brand, Higher Performance Equipment !

Click Here For System Descriptions And Pricing










Our Home Solar Power Kits Have Been Installed Throughout The Entire U.S. And Canada

Solar For Residential is your source for solar power

Solar Home founder Mr. Ray Boggs with Mr. Chevy Chase and his wife at a recent Environmental Awards Dinner.

Join the thousands who have said goodbye to high electric bills and have made a commitment to saving our precious environment.


The Southern California Solar Energy Expo Hosted By The Creators Of Solar For Residential

If you missed our last show, you missed a lot. Held at the Fairplex in Pomona, California. On hand was the California Energy Commission presenting information on the California Solar Panel Initiative, Home Power Magazine, Xantrex Technology, BP Solar, Outback Power, Southwest Wind Power, Outback Power, Dankoff Solar, Energy Outfitters, Unirac and SMA America just to name a few.

The Creators of Solar Home would like to thank all of the vendors for helping to make our last Expo a huge success. 

Click Here To See Pictures Of Our Last Expo




The Largest Selection Of High Performance Solar For Residential Grid Tie And Off Grid Solar Panel Kits On The Planet

We're Proud Distributors Of The Following High Performance, Name Brand Products:

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   Astronergy Solar Logo   Suntech Solar Logo  
        BP Solar Logo       Schott Solar Logo    SolarWorld Solar Logo

Trina Solar Logo American Solar Wholesale Logo Siliken Solar Wholesale Logo  

      Sharp Solar Logo   Canadian Solar Logo 

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Sales Policy





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